A Variety of Curtains for Melbourne Homes

The Textured Design Group invites you to view our curated compilation of beautiful curtains for your Melbourne interior. We can assist you whether you wish for traditional or the latest sheer and more modern curtains. Let’s discuss your preferences.

Sheer Curtains for Classic Melbourne Homes

Lightweight, gauzy curtains let natural light into a room thanks to their gossamer fabric. It’s a well-loved choice for bedrooms, living-, and dining rooms.

Modern Curtains

Are you looking to modernise your home? One way to achieve this is using contemporary curtain designs with clean lines to add fresh flair and combine style and functionality. Choose from our versatile collection of colours, patterns and textures to enhance your current décor.

Classic Curtains

Like modern curtains, classic curtains can create a specific look and atmosphere. Here, the focus is on elegance and sophistication, making them ideal for formal living rooms. Classic curtains – from drapes to tailored pleats – are high-quality, with unique detailing. They usually contain heavy material, a light, transparent curtain underneath, and a decorative lambrequin at the top. The floor-length curtains may include thick cords, ruffles, tassels, and fringe.

Every home is unique, and your choice of curtain is the design element that displays your taste. Speak to us about what you need, and remember, we can tailor-make our curtains to fit any window size and other specifications you may have. At Textured Design Group, you can choose the fabric type, colour, and pattern up to the curtain length and heading style.

Stylish Curtains for a New Look

Our experienced team will assist you throughout the entire process so you can achieve your vision hassle-free. We fit your curtains in Melbourne professionally and make sure they hang perfectly. Upgrade your home décor with our cost-effective, stylish curtain selection.