TDG is proud to be an Australian distributor of Silent Gliss and Twentinox products.

Silent Gliss

The introduction of Silent Gliss as the world’s first silent curtain track system was just the beginning.

More than 50 years later, we continue to push industry standards with a focus on producing the highest quality systems that exceed expectations. From light to heavy weight, from short to long, from straight to bent – Silent Gliss can supply a curtain track for any installation.

Curtain Tracks Manual Hand
Hand operated curtain tracks are the most economical and simple to use. Our wide range ensures we can meet the needs of commercial or domestic buildings. Inherently safe by design, they are suitable for hotels, restaurants and public spaces. Enjoy unobtrusive, elegant and smooth operation. Durable and maintenance free, our curtain tracks can be bent for curved applications. See data sheets – SG 6840SG 6970SG 6380

Curtain Tracks Manual Chord
Chord operated tracks are suited to heavy or inaccessible curtains and avoids the need to touch the curtain fabric. Our tracks can be bent for bay windows and other curved applications. Systems are available for all fabric weights, including heavier, lined curtains. See data sheets – SG 3840SG 6370

Curtain Tracks Electric
With over half a century of experience with electric curtain tracks we have the widest, most efficient and reliable range. Electric tracks are ideal for hard-to-reach, large or heavy curtains, AV and conference rooms or just a touch of luxury. We offer total flexibility on control. Operate via a switch, remote control, our Move app or via a home control or building management system. See data sheets – SG 5100SG 5600

Medical and Room Dividing
Silent Gliss cubicle track is hand operated and can be curved and shaped to meet virtually any layout. All systems are made to measure to your exact specifications. See data sheets – SG 6100 Medical SystemSG 6103 Room Dividing System

Electrically Operated
Efficient and quiet. Silent Gliss motorised roller blinds feature virtually silent operation, programmable intermediate stops and a built-in safety stop if the movement is interrupted. Our wide range of systems accommodate all blind sizes, weight and preferred control methods. See data sheets – G 4760, SG 4770, SG 478

Twentinox Architectural Mesh

Twentinox has been manufacturing flexible metal fabrics for architecture, interior design and artistic applications for over 10 years. The fabrics are used in metal curtains and separations, (LED) facades, sun blinds and ceilings. Twentinox products are produced from high-quality stainless steel from European suppliers. These metal materials are exceptionally durable, hygienic, fireproof and easy to maintain.


The State Library Victoria in Melbourne, as part of the Vision 2020 redevelopment project, the bookshop READINGS was permitted to be established in the building of the Library as permanent commercial store.

Twentinox delivered a complete curtain closure system for the bookshop which is situated in the meeting space called the Russell Street Welcome Zone next to the Guild café.

The custom-made fixing system was fully engineered by Twentinox as well as the locking profiles for 5 metre high metal curtains. Because of the exceptional height of the mesh the most heavy-duty type of GOLF ROMEO was advised made of long-lasting material which is stainless steel.


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